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Ultrasonic Textile Cutting and Sealing Machine: Ultrasonic wave cutting and sealing machine perform very smooth edges after Seal & Cut the Non-woven & Woven Fabrics without any kind of Fabric Tissues. It normally used in woven sacks and jumbo bag making FIBC Industries. The Performance of this machines is very consistent with low maintenance cost.


Ultrasonic Sealing & Cutting system used for:

  • FIBC Industry
  • Jumbo Bag Manufacturers
  • Filter bags
  • Health care articles
  • Medical mattresses and pillows
  • Needle felts
  • Operations sheets
  • Foils
  • Bullet proof vests
  • Blinds and awnings
  • Pleated filter
  • Shower curtains
  • Seat covers,
  • Medical garment & drapes
  • Sport garments
  • Vehicle interior and insulation item,
  • Protective car covers, sunshades and many more.

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