Ultrasonic Sono-Screen

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Ultrasonic Sono-Screen has invented & patented by our Principle M/s Telsonic AG Swiss. SONOSCREEN ATTACHMENT can be built into or retrofitted to all existing commercial sieving / Vibro shifter Equipments from the diameter of 300 mm to 3000 mm. Conventional sieving technology is based on a vibrational / wave motion of the sieve which is responsible for the sieve throughput as well as the separation of oversized material. In addition to the conventional method, Ultrasonic SONO SCREEN Supported Sieving Technology evenly transmits as oscillating motion, in the micron range, onto the screen surface and reduces friction between the sieve mesh and bulk material for better & fast Screening & Powder separation. Normally Ultrasonic Sono-Screen Increase the throughput 3 to 30 times based on the Powder condition without any Mesh chalking or Blinding, Hence the Ultrasonic Sono-Screen helps to Increase the production rate drastically high along with reducing the maintenance cost especially the Mesh. All kind of Powders related to Food Powder such as starch, Powder paint, and metal powder, cosmetic powders along with Pharmaceuticals powder are being screen by the Ultrasonics.


Ultrasonic Sono-Screen applicable to Various Industries as below.

  • Starch Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Metallurgical Industry
  • Mineral Industry
  • Plastic Industry

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