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Latest Swiss Technology Ultrasonic Plastic Welding system producing a large number of thermoplastic component welding for the best weld quality & consistent weld results.

Major Advantages of RTUL-Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Systems are as follows:

  1. Touch-screen microprocessor controllers provide trouble-free operation with human-friendly process.
  2. Generator power available from 500W to 5,000W with a frequency range from 15 Khz to 36 Khz to ensure to weld de-similar plastic material parts with the best weld quality.
  3. Fully Digital controlled welding Parameters with 4 trigger modes and 5 welding modes ensure that critical parts have a consistent welding effect.
  4. The automatic Frequency tuning feature increase the lifetime of the system .
  5. No-load losses checking before each weld declares the lifetime of the welding tools.
  6. Quality Windows announces the welding results of each and every part with Good or Bad Indications.
  7. Easily transfer the quality details of the welded to PC or Thumb Drive.
  8. Synchronize with any type of automation such as Turn table, conveyor or Robots for more details.

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Applications from A to Z

  • Any Kind of Plastic Parts which needs to join.
  • Automobile Parts
  • Clock /Watches
  • Electronics Equipment
  • Energy Meters
  • Electrical Switches & Home Appliances.
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Toy Manufacturing
  • Zip fasteners


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