Multi chamber Ultrasonic Cleaning System

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Custom Built multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning system designed and developed according to customer needs & Part requirements. Various Processes such as Spray Cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaning with the use of alkaline solutions or solvents with Rinsing process can provide the best Precision Cleaning Results. RTUL can also Provide Hot Air Drying/Vacuum Drying as per part requirements. This process can remove contaminants such as dirt, dust, oil, grease, waxes, chips, carbon filler etc. from the surface of metal or plastic parts. RTUL Can Provide these systems with Semi-Automatic & Automatic both kind of automations. Based on the part cleaning trials, RTUL can guarantee for the Millipore level/Particle size level of Precision Clean results.








A wide range of applications, from small needles to jumbo jet parts, can be cleaned using ultrasonic technology. Major applications are from the automotive industry, semi-conductor industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, optical and optics, jewelry and watches etc.

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