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Custom Built Solvent Based Ultrasonic Cleaning systems are specially designed for solvent solutions to precision clean the metal parts. Major advantages of RTUL- Closed loop Vacuum based Solvent Cleaning Systems are as under.

  1. Improving Cleaning & faster Drying.
  2. Reduction in air emissions.
  3. Reduction in solvent purchases.
  4. Reduction in worker exposure.
  5. Reduction in hazardous material handling & hazardous waste generation.
  6. Reduction in regulatory requirements.
  7. Due to Vacuum Process the flash point of the solvent increases which allows the part to heat more for more precision cleaning process.
  8. RTUL- Solvent Cleaning system is a close loop system. The washing fluid uses a distillation process to separate the cutting oils from the solvent solution. This continuous re-generation of the cleaning solution produces no waste and allows the solution to be used almost indefinitely.

A wide range of applications, from small needles to jumbo jet parts, can be cleaned using ultrasonic technology. Major applications are from the automotive industry, semi-conductor industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, optical and optics, jewelry and watches etc.

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