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Compact Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is small in size & easy to provide precision cleaning to the metal parts with operator friendly operations. Table top Cleaning Machines can efficiently remove the contaminants such as dirt, chips, oil, grease, buffing paste etc. from parts without damaging the main part structure.

Major Key features are as below.

1. Swiss design and technology

2. Complete SS Construction

3. Digital Timer & Temperature Control for precision and consistent cleaning results

4. Digitally Power Adjustment from 30% to 100% with De-Gassing features as an Options.

5. Available with different frequencies from 20 Khz to 300 Khz.

6. Different Sizes models which can match with your needs.

Please let us know if there is more information.


Ultrasonic Compact Cleaners can be used for various applications.
Few of which are as under.

1. Electronics Industry - PC Boards, Capacitors, etc..
2. Jewelry Manufacturers.
3. Scientific Labs - Pipettes, Test tubes Etc..
4. Watches & Belts
5. Camera Lenses
6. Contact Lenses
7. Machined Metal parts to remove chips & Cutting Oil.
8. Textile Industries - Spinnerets, Candle filters, Nozzles etc..
9. Medical field - Dental Instruments, Syringe Parts, Surgical Instruments
10. Auto Industry - Carburetors, Castings, Fuel Injectors, Switches etc..

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